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Jumat, 25 Februari 2011

love this guy so much!

aaaaa.. i post this one with screaming. coz i'll give y'all a pic of my favorite singer. and you know what? he's so.. sooooo look a like Him. everytime i see @Guntursimbolon, i always remind of him.
from his outlook, his hobby (doing futsal), etc. are same! aaaaah love it!!

and you know, right a second when i'm posting this blog, @Guntursimbolon reply my tweet!! ah goooood!! cant breath!! cant breath!!

aaaahhhh!!! *screamin again*

you.. ah yes! it's you!!

have you ever fall in love with someone only by hearing his voice?
when the first time you saw him, you're know that he's the one.
just by looking at his eyes. by the way he smile. by the way he laugh.

yes. i have.

it just happen so quickly. when the first time i hear his voice outside i talk to my self,
"god! who has this lovely voice?"
and when he came through the door, i just cant stop my eyes to staring at you.
watch every move you made, adore every joke you told..
yeah, for that moment i knew that i'm fallin in love with you.

time goes by and finally i got your phone number.
we're texting, share about life, thought, and sex.
i know you're a jerk, baby. but i dont know why it just only make me fall deeper with you :(

i'm a stupid. hell yeah.
but i became stupid because of you, babe. and in my case, it still allowed.