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Minggu, 17 April 2011

ABC Kids preschool and kindergarten; My second home!

hello bloggey! it's been a whileee.. kinda miss this blog. :)
how's your life, guys? happy? sad? ordinary?
my life seems so beautifully my job. haha. what's my job? curious, eh? *not really i think*
my current job is a Preschool Teacher! Yes i'm a teacher!
ohh. you might be not believe about this. but, hey! i alreadylike this. and i just love it!

i dunno why i take this job. it just like a miracle come down on me.
can you believe? me? preschool teacher? gotta deal with a bunch of kiddos. take care of them, teach them everything i know..

it started when i saw a job vacancy on newspaper. try myluck by sent my portfolio. 2 days later they called me for an interview. first interview maybe looked like a test. to let they know about my english. *FYI my school is an international one* and on the next day, they called me again for the second interview. but this time they asked about me, my thought, and life.. on the next day, i started my training..

i was placed with Ms Linda and Ms Fany's class. In this class i knew some rules and terms at the school. on the next week, they sent me to other branch which is in Kota Wisata. in this branch is quite fun. i stayed there for 2 weeks. i was placed in Ms Amel and Ms Era's class, ms Antie and mr Sugi's class, Ms Nuniek and Ms Febby's class, and also in Ms Pita and ms Sira's class. and after that i was sent back to DDN, in DDN i'm in Ms Levine, Ms Devi and Ms Vivi"s class till now. i'm happy to be in this school! I cn see kiddos' smile, laugh and everything! here's some photo from my school..

i love being here! i love those kiddos! i love to teach them! i have greeat peers, so please god, dont let this happen. i just want to be here. and i just wanna make my parents proud afterall. :)