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Minggu, 23 Januari 2011

the break ups

you started over. over again. just like the old days.
you scream. i scream.
it feels like we're seeing a boxing match.

and then i say. 'enough! i've done with you and your fucking things!!'
you answered it. 'fine! i'm glad you say that!'

we suddenly stopped.
tears come along. you cry, i cry, we both cry like a baby.

you pulled my hand to be close with you.
you hold me tight. and you say 'i'm sorry babe..'

you know.. i will always forgive you.

Rabu, 19 Januari 2011

hello bloggey! how are you? how's you day? :D
lately i just love to have a movie marathon! it because i have more time to spen with since i've been fired T.T
but not in the cinema of course. i'm a poor girl, remember? (too much... raa.) okay so i decided to rent some vcds (not the piracy one.. OF COURSE!) these are some movies i've watched:

firstable is 50 first dates

"aww.. that's sweet."
i always love romantic comedies. it always makes me wondering.

secondly is The Devil Wears Prada.
" just same like my favorite metal band! rawrrrr!"

i really love to see their clothes and how they match them all!
it's really fantastic! and andy's job is kewl!
that's why it called 'a million girl would die for'.
i'll die fo this job. really.

the third is Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

cool.. isn't it? i always love johnny depp!
he's sexy, charismatic, handsome, and.. (stop raa. remember him. lol)
and Jack Sparrow always be my favorite pirate!

and.. i've got Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Harry Potter always make me wanna watch it again and again.
and just a note. Harry, you're always turned me on. :P

and the last movie is Shutter.

okay.. why only one pic?
i'm too chicken to search it >.<

well, these are movies i'm about to have movie marathon. great movies, huh?
you have to see it by yourself too! and thank god i don't have to run to have this marathon stuff. lol

have a great movies, fellas!

Selasa, 18 Januari 2011

don't know what to post (‾~‾“)

well now i'm JOBLESS.
and i will spent my time more at home. which is means:
- nothing to do
- less money
-more bored time (and i'll tweet so many status updates with "boresome"


so bloggey , if you see this "galau" post and some job to share,
please. i beg you with all my heart..
share a job to me. ‎(⌣́_⌣̀ )

Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011


i don't know what to post but suddenly i thinking about one thing to share with you bloggey.
as i always (eh.. always?) noticed in this blog i have a boy friend. yeah my REAL boyfriend. well i'll tell you about him and how we met.

it started on 2007 i guess.. he is (maybe) had an open relationship with my bestfriend, @restilarasati. and she introduce me to him. well we're texting for a while and being comfort for each other. it's going with the flow although finally he's gone by the time.
suddenly, on september 2008. he text me again. (yay!!) we keep texting each other sharing our thoughts. and what a coincidence we've got similar interest like kind of music or our excitement in arts. (yay again)

it just go by the time and on novemeber, 14 2008 he asks me if i want to be his girlfriemd and i say yes! (what a happy ending .. lol)

our first date is on Blok M Plaza (yeah.. i know.. lol) we spent our lunch there and watch
"Journey to the center of the earth"

at Hollywood 21 (now hollywood XXI). what a great day! even we have a little argue (our first argue! :'( ) i'm happy with him

we're two years now. cries, laughs, sad, ups and downs, argue.. we've been through it together. even i know i wasn't the best, but i always do my best to you. ad even i do a lot of things that maybe hurt you, you never give up with this relationship and leave me in the middle of the road.
this isn't finish yet baby. whatever i have done to you. i just want you to know that i love you SO MUCH! i always want the best for us.

me + you = us.
november, 14th 2008
i ♥ you @enerjikautis13

Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

AFF Euphoria

indonesia lately got their new spirit of nationality. since AFF Suzuki Cup begin, Indonesia just like got their new spirit to watch soccer game. ah yes! i love to watch too! since Irfan Bachdim and christian Gonzales join the squad, Indonesia just seems got their game. in fact, Indonesia have a new record that never being lose in qualification game. i'm really proud to Indonesian National Team!

yeah. even we didn't get the trophy -yet-, at least Indonesia could step ahead to a better soccer in future..
and one thing for sure, #NurdinTurun !!! :)