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Sabtu, 20 November 2010

happy happy daaaay ♥

hello bloggey, friday afnoon me and my sweet sisters just have a very special day. why? because we made a funny lipsync vid to cover Emotion by Destiny's child. here's the vid:

real cool and funny, rite? well, just fyi. we're making that vid just for fun. no meaning to copycat or fast-famous-on-tv :)
LOL. and our happiness not stop on that day. a few minutes later, a man came to our office and guess what he bought to us. CHEWY JUNIOR! aaaaa!
now our happiness is complete on friday! we're having sooooo much fun. and also with chewy junior in our hands :)

it's sist Weena with our Chewy Junior :)

and this is sist Weena with the lovely sist Prita, of course with the Chewy too :)

last not least, me with the yummy and delicious Chewy, yumm!

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