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Sabtu, 15 Januari 2011


i don't know what to post but suddenly i thinking about one thing to share with you bloggey.
as i always (eh.. always?) noticed in this blog i have a boy friend. yeah my REAL boyfriend. well i'll tell you about him and how we met.

it started on 2007 i guess.. he is (maybe) had an open relationship with my bestfriend, @restilarasati. and she introduce me to him. well we're texting for a while and being comfort for each other. it's going with the flow although finally he's gone by the time.
suddenly, on september 2008. he text me again. (yay!!) we keep texting each other sharing our thoughts. and what a coincidence we've got similar interest like kind of music or our excitement in arts. (yay again)

it just go by the time and on novemeber, 14 2008 he asks me if i want to be his girlfriemd and i say yes! (what a happy ending .. lol)

our first date is on Blok M Plaza (yeah.. i know.. lol) we spent our lunch there and watch
"Journey to the center of the earth"

at Hollywood 21 (now hollywood XXI). what a great day! even we have a little argue (our first argue! :'( ) i'm happy with him

we're two years now. cries, laughs, sad, ups and downs, argue.. we've been through it together. even i know i wasn't the best, but i always do my best to you. ad even i do a lot of things that maybe hurt you, you never give up with this relationship and leave me in the middle of the road.
this isn't finish yet baby. whatever i have done to you. i just want you to know that i love you SO MUCH! i always want the best for us.

me + you = us.
november, 14th 2008
i ♥ you @enerjikautis13

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