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Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

First Date

on february, 22.. it must be the most incredible date of my life. *too much*
it was the date we're having First Date.
yup. a First Date.

it was unpredictable at all. monday evening he texted me and asked what will i do on tuesday?
and i said, 'im free, babe.'
with that simple answer he asked me what if we hang out somewhere tomorrow. and of course i said yes.
yes. it is a Date.

on my way to the most famous fast food restaurant, my heart beats so fast.
it beats so fast till i cant hear the beat.
it beats so fast till i can feel it wanna jump out from my mouth.
can you imagine?? IT'S A DATE!!
i'm so nervous till i become so self conscious. ahhh i felt so silly that day..

i know i might be insane. i know i might be silly.
it just like i never had a date before in my life. i really really fall in love with this guy till i cant control my self at all.

and here i am. finally arrived this fast food rest.
i waited him on the corner of this restaurant. waited patiently.
and you texted me, 'i'm on my way'. and i became more and more nervous! heart still pumpin so hard, my hands are shaking, and all the silly things!
then i saw you, through the door fastly. lookin for my table.
and when you saw me, youre waving you hand and sit next to me.

you ordered two cheeseburgers and two coke *yes. i still remember* , for me and for you. and then we chat, share all about life and thought.
you told me about the youth silliness of yours. share about your dream..
at this time i felt like in a time machine that warp all the time when i'm with you. seems like the time goes by so fast when we're together.. ah, i love this time warping when i'm with you..

it became late night and you decided to took me home.
you drove me home, and you still wanna chilled out with me.
we kept on talking.. and then you suddenly kissed me.
yeah, a smooth and sweet kiss. at that time i felt like flying. fly just like my butterflies inside my stomach. god damn it! i just wanna be like this forever.

and its time to him to go home. i really wanna keep him with me forever, but ha ha of course it cant be happen. he gave me a goodnight kiss. and then he went home.

after he went home, i just still cant believe it just happen. yeah, our first date. that kiss.
is it true, lord? or this is just a dream?

ah, god. tell him that i want him so bad. amen.

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