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Jumat, 02 Juli 2010

:'( :'(

hellooooo readers, pasti kalian bertanya tanya kenapa judul postingan gue emote sedih? (ga juga lah yaaa haha) well well, udah pasti perasaan gue kaya gitu..

ya, sedih!


cuma satu orang yang bikin gue gila dan sedih kaya orang stress gini. ya, dia. si mr F -ku itu (kalo kamu baca maaf ada -ku nya. huhu). (lagi lagi) dia bikin gue sedih lg, nangis lg. he's throwing hopes and dreams to me and then he blow it out. TERRIFIC!
you say all that shit to me. but when i told it to you, you answered "i try to be nice, and you say is a hope?". IS THAT THE WAY YOU SAY NICE? good job boy! you called me baby, you say is a nice attitude? you said you'll be my boy friend someday, you say it not a hope? so what is our **** means??? a nice attitude too?

i dont want to being rude, babe. but now you're really piss me off! but one thing you should know.. I STILL LOVE YOU until i wrote this blog! but you're never changing. you always do the same thing like 2 years ago. and unfotunately, i keep on fall in the same hole twice. :'( :'(
just so you know, i'm never regret everything in my life with you. you know, no matter how much you hurt me, i will always.. i will always fall in love (again) with you. but all i need is you to understand. if you know you you'll never love me, then never ever.. gimme a lil hope. even a little. cause it will be so damn hurt me.

sorry once again. love you ♥

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