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Kamis, 12 Agustus 2010

Korean movies !! :DD

hey hey readers.. long time no post ya? haha.. well firstable i would like to say

happy fasting 1431 H !!

wish this merciful month will make us become a better person, right readers? amiennnnn :)

well, i wanna post something kinda funny side of me. jost so you know, readers. i'm really really addicted with korean movies. uh huh, looks silly right? but i'm proud of it. :D

you must be asking why i like this kind movies. well.. not really. haha. korean movies for like a drug, really addict me! hah! the plot, the stars, and others make me in love!! (too much yaa..) here's some korean movies that i like the most


this movie tells about a poor girl who works in a coffee shop namde coffee prince. just like its name, people who work there must be a boy. so she pretending as a boy. well everything looks good until she fell in love with the owner.

the next one is HE'S BEAUTIFUL

this movie tells about a girl who wants to be a sister, but suddenly she became a member of A.N.JELL band. but noone knows she was a girl except his manager and the front man of the band. well.. i still watch it, you have to watch it too to know the stories :)

the last but not least BOYS BEFORE FLOWERS!!!

i think you know the stories, so i dont have to tell :)

love the movies pal!


araaaaaa :)

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