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Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

the differences between 'being inspired' or 'copycat'

hey readers! nice to post it again :') i miss you guys sooooo much ♥ don't cha you miss me too? *muntah bareng2 readers.. HOEKK*
i just wanna post it to someone out there named Daniella Isabella. why i should post it to her? well.. gue ga maksud apa2 kok. please dea, no offense. but i think that might be some missunderstanding about you and me.
i have seen you blog post that offense me a little. in that post, you say that someone has copying your blogging style. gatau knp gue merasa sedikit ter offense. mau tau knp?? to be honest, i've been inspired to make this blog because of her. i think her blog is cool and nice reading. so my writing is kinda inspired by her. but she's got a problem with my write. c'mon dea, don't you should be proud that i've been inspired by you? besides, i also inspired by Diana Rikasari and latifah Hanim just so you know.

i just wanna you make a BIG red line about 'being inspired' or 'copycat'. seseorang yang dibilang copycat itu orang yang ngejiplak mentah2 karya orang lain. baik tulisan, kata2, cerita etc. but what i write is.. sesuatu yang sedikit berbau tulisan lo tapi tidak MENGIKUTI CERITA ATAU MEREKAYASA CERITA supaya sama dengan lo. so pleaseeee dea, never judge something that you don't really know the reality. and don't be such like an ABABIL yg menulis sesuatu seperti 'sok jago'. -no offense, just an advice :)-

okay. i hope you understand.

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