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Senin, 20 Juni 2011

ZOE; What is exactly we're going to do. XD

last sunday i was going to ZOE with @LevineXO. ZOE, or Zone Of Education, is a place that you can see looooootsa books *it's a library.. so of course it has a lot of books!* but, the special of this library is, beside it has books, it also has a cafe that will make you more comfy while reading. That's why i love this place a lot! :)

yeaaaa, in the morning, she -@LevineXO- called me and asked me what if we're going to ZOE and i said yes. She also said our today dresscode is 'Nerdy'. And i was thinking like, 'okaaaaay.. what do you think what we're going to do?' and TA DA! she brought her camera and so did i. so our plan at that time was taking picture @ ZOE! LOL.

eventho' our plan a bit missed, but we still read some books also! and finally we decided to borrow some books. after that, we went to Margo to have some lunch. Ha ha! this unexpectable trip was sooooooo fun! We havta do this again, @LevineXO! :))

steal some books, eh?


'i'm not so that high!' lol


my masterpiece! :P

i'm freakin lost..........

*click photo to enlarge*

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