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Senin, 19 September 2011


oh hi, bloggey! long time no post! i miss to write my feelings aaaaaa looooot!
i'm kinda busy with my new things like; New Office, New Classes, New Boyfriend *YES. It's fresh from the oven!* and so on!

yeah, a si tell you before that i have new office, nah.. it doesnt mean im not a teacher again, but, im moving to other branch. its a new one, Raffles. my partners are Ms Dina and Ms Ayu. theyre good. really nice. :)
and i have three classes now. it's Toddler Potato, Pre K Lettuce and Pre K Broccoli. oh. my. God! theyre sooooo adorabley! i love 'em a lot! hopefully they grow good later at the end of the school year!

and, yeah. there's a new one. a new guy. not the guy that i always posted here before. he's a guy that could make laugh and smile without any reason. his name is Mochammad Rizal a.k.a Rizal, Ciptun, Ical or.. Batman.
yep. from now on he's my new home boy. uh-oh! welcome to my world! :) :) :)

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