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Jumat, 03 September 2010

bukber bukberrrr

hello readers! long time no post! so damn miss you guys! (even i know that you're not. ouuuuccch).
well this the last week of the holy month! i know y'all prepare for you're new clothes. (bad habit people..) okaaaay lets make it simpler. a few weeks ago, i went to a breaking fasting together with my lovely folks at PH. one of the biggest pizza place on earth as a birthday bash to this man..

brad Sony Kemal!!
happy birthdaaaaayyyy ! :))

me, Shelly Febriyanthy, Putri Andistyara, Fani Anggraini, and Citra Farisha a.k.a my besties go to PH to celebrating brad SoKem (sony kemal -red.) it was fun! here's a little snap!

cool isn't it? see you in the next breaking fasting folks!

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