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Kamis, 30 September 2010

long time no post

heyho bloggey! long time no post. well i just wanna share with you about my activities lately.

well, me and my besties detting used to like old days. but i stil not brave enough too text them first >.< -or it usually called by Apple Tree- for 2 weeks.. Yay!!

my company work in educational equipment. like electronic dictionary. but not only a dictionary, but you can use it as music player, video player, exam exercise, etc.. (well, enough for the promoting. lol)
back to the track, my daily life at the office good. but when at PenVill, (i was sending as a Product Consultant) everything screw up. my Store manager is terrifying! she is really moody. sometimes she's kind, but somehow when i ask her something, she answered badly. err.. thank god she doesn't pay my salary. lol. the other workers seems nice, but somehow i just feel like.. um.. they were a backstabber. oops. and you must how they looked me. horrible. thank god i am a tough girl :D

well.. that's my daily activities nowadays.. i must be more tough than now! byebye bloggey!


araaaa :P

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