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Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

love letter to my mr Kodok

dear mr F, my lovely frog prince..

well, i don't know where to start. but first i want to say sorry because of this post.

you know that i love you so much, right? but everything seems to be black and blue to me. you say you DO love me. but what i see is different baby. you say you love me when we're texting, but never considered me at the cyber space. maybe now you think i'm such a foolish and childish, but actually all i want is your recognition. so not impressed me just who you love, when you say you love me in text. sorry if I'm asking the impossible for you, but honestly, I was sick when see you like you do not recognize me in the virtual world. please understand me, love me. love me like you say in text. love me like it should be. love meeeeee :'(

i really sorry if my love letter offend you, all i want is to be honest.

love you,

your biggest Fan

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